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NEPA Construction Pros is a leading general contractor in Scranton and Wilkes Barre, PA, with an expertise in business and home redesigns, room expansions, kitchen & bathroom remodeling.

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NEPA Painting Pros was started in 2012 and serves Commercial, industrial, and residential clients nationally. We make sure to be available 24/7 to accommodate our clients’ hectic schedules, and provide the best service with top-of-the-line products and the most advanced technology.

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We know that great customer service isn’t just about the hard work we put in. It’s also about a commitment to excellence and old fashioned virtues such as hospitality, discretion and professional behavior.

Paving Stones and Flowers to Create Nostalgic Garden Ideas

Many of those flowers you remember from the days of yore are back, and they still smell as amazing as it did all those years ago. Walking through your garden this summer may bring back so many memories. Your childhood in grandma’s backyard, her flower beds you had to stay away from and those beautiful

A Guide To Landscape Bridges

Is there something missing from your garden design? Maybe you should consider a landscape bridge. A landscape bridge is a nifty solution to a garden or yard that needs a little pizzazz. The benefits of a landscape bridge are many. When you install a landscape bridge you will enhance the beauty of your yard or

Patio Ideas for Small Backyards

Ideas for small backyard patios are endless! Don’t be discouraged if your backyard is tiny and you think it cannot accommodate a hard surface seating area. A patio can be constructed in a corner with ease. Just think about how nice it would be to escape to an outdoor oasis in your own backyard. Some

Different Types of Landscaping Services

There are many options available to you if you are interested in obtaining landscaping services. You should never make the decision without taking time and careful consideration when choosing a company. You should make enquires at several places to try and get the best deal you can. You can ask your friend or neighbors, search

Lawn Maintenance Services And Its Top Four Benefits

While keeping your lawn clean and visually appealing could be an added value to your property, doing so may take much of your effort and time. Every season will definitely require a different type of caring. Come spring, weekly mowing is needed. Constant watering must be done during summer and proper fertilizing must be observed

Advantages of Landscape Architecture Design and Drawings

Landscape Design tools and software helps make home owner landscaping a reality with the best resources available in all areas of landscape design pictures from landscaping ideas and design to finishing touches. Should it is for the Waterfront improvement projects, parks and playgrounds or shopping centre, there will surely be available design tools/software which can

The Basic Principles Of Landscape Design

Whether you plan to “borrow ideas” or plan on creating your own landscaping design, you should have at the very least a basic understanding of the principles of landscape design. Don’t feel that you have to apply every principle to every part of your plan. Just having an understanding of these principles can help you